Hear from Write Your Way to Freedom Students

Lauren's Story

- Lauren didn't want to go back to her full-time job as a teacher because she wanted to be home with her kids.

- She was skeptical of Sarah Turner's ads and decided to sign up for the free course.

- Lauren found her first paying client within four months of signing up for the course.

- She has the life she wants and can move her business at the pace she wants. She only works three hours a day.


Nikki's Story

- Nikki took another famous copywriting course first but was quickly overwhelmed by it and left searching for more structure. 
- Nikki is a mother of 2 and has a full-time job. She's using copywriting to increase her household income so her husband can safely and easily transition into a career he loves.
- Working full-time and copywriting, Nikki's paying off the course in 4 months. 
-  UPDATE: What started as a side hustle, turned into a full time career for Nikki. She's recently wrote, "I now have 4 ongoing projects with 3 different brands. It's kind of mindblowing to me. Just this morning I had a Skype call with a new referral, with a toddler on my lap, and I just sent over a new project proposal. :)"

Mary's Story


- Mary earns between $3,800 - 4,700 per month copywriting.

- Mary has replaced the income of her last job. 

- Mary was at rock bottom before she started Write Your Way to Freedom. And she had never heard of copywriting before. 

- "Copywriting has given meaning to my life and has given me more freedom than my previous career." - Mary


Jenessa's Story

- Jenessa was a yoga instructor who quit her job in less than 3 months after starting Write Your Way to Freedom. She thinks she could have quit sooner.  

- Jenessa paid off Write Your Way to Freedom 6 weeks after starting.

- Jenessa sees copywriting as a realistic and exciting new career. 

- UPDATE: Jenessa got a full-time position at a marketing agency and was given an immediate promotion because of her WYWTF copywriting knowledge. 


Jeannie's Story

- Jeannie went through Write Your Way to Freedom at her own pace and loves that she can go back and repeat sections.

- Jeannie really likes that Sarah updates the course and continually makes it better.

- Jeannie works as a nurse and works on her copywriting business on the side.

- She found her first few clients within a couple months and continues to build her copywriting business.


Chrisie's Story

- Chrisie paid off Write Your Way to Freedom in 1.5 months. 

- Chrisie is on the fast track to paying off her huge debt with copywriting.

- Chrisie feels like she gave herself a raise because copywriting is so enjoyable.


Stephanie's Story

- Stephanie is a full-time nurse practitioner who uses copywriting as a side hustle. 

- Stephanie uses the extra money from copywriting for things like first class flights on vacation. 

- Stephanie works only a few hours copywriting each week and paid off the course in 6 months. 


Lauren's Story

- Lauren got through Write Your Way to Freedom in 2.5 months while working full time. 

- Lauren loves the ability to be her own boss and not have to constantly be "on call" with clients as a copywriter. 

- UPDATE: Lauren is now consistently making $4,000 a month. Only working about 30 hours a week.

Samantha's Story

- Samantha always wanted to be a writer but didn't know how to make it work until she signed up for Write Your Way to Freedom.

- Samantha has been able to work on Write Your Way to Freedom alongside her full-time job. 


Crystal's Story

- Crystal only wants to work very part time so she can spend time with her children.

- Crystal only works 8 to 10 hours a month and makes $600. 

- Crystal had never heard of copywriting before starting Write Your Way to Freedom. 

- Crystal had tried everything to make money while being a stay at home mom. She finally found what she was looking for in Write Your Way to Freedom. 


Hyo's Story

- Hyo uses copywriting as a side hustle while working her full time job.

- Hyo made $750 in the first month & $1500 in her second month of copywriting. 

- Hyo loves that Sarah only has one course and focuses her time and energy there. 

- UPDATE: Hyo makes an extra $2500 a month with copywriting as a side hustle. 


Jennifer's Story

- Jennifer paid off the course in 2 months. 

- Jennifer loves that Write Your Way to Freedom allows you to go at your own pace. 

- Jennifer loves that she never has to miss things like her best friend's wedding because now she makes her own schedule. 


Katie's Story

- Katie started copywriting becasue she wanted an additional income to supplement retirement savings and was looking for a new challenge.

- Katie enjoys the frequent refreshing of course materials, the Facebook group, and the adaptability of Write Your Way to Freedom.

- She is now an expert copywriter for Senior Health & Wellness & Lifestyle.


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