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Chelli's Story

- Only 6 months after starting Write Your Way to Freedom, Chelli had her first $8,300 month with copywriting. 

UPDATE: Chelli is now making $15,000 a month copywriting. 

- Chelli plans to hire her mom full time so she doesn’t have to work two full time jobs.

- Once when Chelli needed to make an extra $2500 because of an unexpected expense, she was able to use the steps in the course to earn the extra income she needed. 


Nicole's Story

- Nicole was a teacher and school counselor. 

- Nicole paid off Write Your Way to Freedom in 1.5 months.

- Nicole earned between $8,000-$9,000 in the first 2.5 months.

- Nicole no longer has to work in a windowless office! She works down by the ocean in coffee shops on her own schedule. 


Wendy's Story

- Wendy is making between $2000 - $4000 a month only working 2 to 3 hours a day

- Wendy decided to take Write Your Way to Freedom because she was moving to a rural town where there wouldn't be many quality job opportunities

- She found her first two clients two weeks after starting cold emailing.


Mary's Story

- Mary earns between $3,800 - 4,700 per month copywriting.

- Mary has replaced the income of her last job. 

- Mary was at rock bottom before she started Write Your Way to Freedom. And she had never heard of copywriting before. 

- "Copywriting has given meaning to my life and has given me more freedom than my previous career." - Mary


Jenessa's Story

- Jenessa was a yoga instructor who quit her job in less than 3 months after starting Write Your Way to Freedom. She thinks she could have quit sooner.  

- Jenessa paid off Write Your Way to Freedom course 6 weeks after starting.

- Jenessa sees copywriting as a realistic and exciting new career. 

- Jenessa knows her business is going to keep growing and she's stoked about it!


Jaynell's Story

- Jaynell paid of Write Your Way to Freedom in 2.5 months while working full time. 

- Jaynell was a full-time teacher  with 4 children when she started Write Your Way to Freedom. 

- Jaynell plans to make more with copywriting than she made teaching. 

- Write Your Way to Freedom has given Jaynell the confidence to make a full time career out of copywriting. 


Courtney's Story

- Courtney is a full time registered nurse who is using copywriting as a side hustle. 

- Courtney has 3 clients after only 4 months in. 

- Courtney loves copywriting because it allows her to help people.

- Courtney has taken LOTS of online courses and feels a highlight of Write Your Way to Freedom is the access to Sarah Turner. 


Amy's Story

- Amy quit her job within 5 months after starting Write Your Way to Freedom.

- Amy replaced her income and only works 15 hours a week. 

- Amy is a single mom and now has so much more time to spend with her son.

- Update: Amy now makes between $7,000 to $8,000 a month. She was able to take her son on a trip to Disney land without having to worry about money or asking for PTO.



Cassidy's Story

- Cassidy made $3800 in her 4th month of copywriting.

- Cassidy made $7000 in 3 months. 

- Cassidy has replaced and exceeded her income. 

- Cassidy is ranking as the number one copywriter in her field by using the strategy in Write Your Way to Freedom. 

- Cassidy loves that she never has to ask off for work ever again. 


Rachel's Story

- Rachel paid off the course in 2.5 months. 

- Rachel got her first client only 3 weeks after signing up for Write Your Way to Freedom.

- Rachel thinks she will make at least 30k in her first year of copywriting.

- Rachel didn't have a formal education or background in the niche she picked. She just picked it because she's passionate about women's health. 


Martha's Story

- Martha didn't know what a copywriter was when she started. And she didn't have the confidence she could succeed. She is blown away at how fast she was able to quit her job and work for herself!

- Martha was able to quit her job in 3 months. But her job wanted her to stay so badly that they doubled her hourly rate. Now she only goes in when she feels like it! 

-Update: Martha recently reached out and notified me she's now making around $3,000 a month working only 20 hours a week. Her best month so far, she earned $5,800.



Chrisie's Story

- Chrisie paid off Write Your Way to Freedom in 1.5 months. 

- Chrisie is on the fast track to paying off her huge debt with copywriting.

- Chrisie feels like she gave herself a raise because copywriting is so enjoyable.


Hyo's Story

- Hyo uses copywriting as a side hustle while working her full time job.

- Hyo made $750 in the first month & $1500 in her second month of copywriting. 

- Hyo loves that Sarah only has one course and focuses her time and energy there. 

- Hyo sees copywriting as her way to be exceptional. 


Jennifer's Story

- Jennifer paid off the course in 2 months. 

- Jennifer loves that Write Your Way to Freedom allows you to go at your own pace. 

- Jennifer loves that she never has to miss things like her best friend's wedding because now she makes her own schedule. 



Nikki's Story

- Nikki is a mother of 2 and has a full-time job. She's using copywriting to increase her household income so her husband can safely and easily transition into a career she loves.
- Working full-time and copywriting, Nikki's paying off the course in 4 months. 
- Nikki has 3 clients and doesn't currently need any more, but knows she could easily get more next week if she wanted to using the strategies in Write Your Way to Freedom. 
- Nikki took another famous copywriting course first but was quickly overwhelmed by it and left searching for more structure. 

Stephanie's Story

- Stephanie is a full-time nurse practitioner who uses copywriting as a side hustle. 

- Stephanie uses the extra money from copywriting for things like first class flights on vacation. 

- Stephanie works only a few hours copywriting each week and paid off the course in 6 months. 


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