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How to Build a
Thriving Writing Career

...with no experience

Write Your Way to Freedom is for anyone interested in building a successful writing career – so you can earn reliable income and work from anywhere in the world.

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You know people live laptop lifestyles, but you can't seem to
wrap your head around how it's possible...

Working from anywhere...
Being your own boss...

That's a total dream, right?

Not in today's world, my friend.

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Working from anywhere while making good,
reliable money is 100% possible.

Copywriting is, quite possibly, the best/fastest/easiest way to achieve this...
and I'll explain why.

Few choose copywriting because they really love to write – most people have other dreams... 


Freedom to work from anywhere in the world.
 Freedom to have no limit on the amount of money you can earn.
 Freedom to spend more time with family and friends.
 A career you're excited about - one that is in alignment with your values.

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You want this kind of freedom, but the problem is –
you don’t know how to make it happen.

This is where Write Your Way to Freedom comes in.

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• Write Your Way to Freedom is a start to finish process that shows you exactly how to be a successful freelance writer.

• You’ll be reassured knowing exactly what you should be working on every step of the way.

• You'll feel calmer knowing you can focus on each step without stressing about the big picture.

• You'll skip the heartache of content mills & Upwork to build a business that sustains you.

• You'll have the support of other writers and me, Sarah Turner - your copywriting mentor, all along the way.


I've helped hundreds of people just like you quit their 9 to 5 jobs and set out into the world of entrepreneurship with copywriting.

I know what it’s like to want more out of life, but not know where or how to start. My mission is to take the mystery out of becoming a freelance writer.

I’ll give you the exact tools you need and a clear path to follow so you can confidently work from anywhere and shatter your glass ceiling.

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• Have a clear path that enables you to quit your job? Just imagine what your coworkers will say.

• Have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want? Whether it’s from a beach in Bali or from home in your sweatpants.

• Only work with clients you love? You’ll skip the rat race of freelancing and work only with ideal

• Have reliable income so you can live your new life confidently? With multiple clients, the ‘paycheck rug’ won’t ever be pulled out from under you.

• Have total freedom to spontaneously take a trip without having to ask anyone for permission.

• Have complete control over your schedule? Never work a holiday again, unless you choose to.

• Have the confidence to build a lucrative side hustle? No second guessing or wondering what’s

All of this is 100% possible for you.

I’ve done it, and hundreds of my students have done it too.

Now, it’s your turn.


I've come to find out, that the BEST part about being your own boss is this:

YOU get to decide what SUCCESS looks like for YOU.

Write Your Way to Freedom gives you a proven roadmap, speeds up your success, and sets you up with a new career that has no glass ceiling.

Write Your Way to Freedom takes the guesswork out of building a copywriting career.

You don't need to be frustrated by the limitations of your career. It's no longer true that you need more degrees to make more money. There is an entire world of people making money writing online.

I went through mountains of advice, tons of online courses, and made a million mistakes to find out what matters and what doesn’t.

Write Your Way to Freedom is the culmination of this information, boiled down to only the most important points. This is precisely why I'm qualified to teach you, not because I did it perfectly, but because I did it imperfectly.

On top of that, I also regularly take the feedback of my 1800+ plus students and incorporate new lessons into the course based on their needs. Monthly, I add updates based on the requests of my students.

I created this course to save you heartache and give you a clear step-by-step process so you can start building your dreams now.

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So, What is Write Your Way to Freedom?

Write Your Way To Freedom shows you exactly
how to become a freelance copywriter.

This is the course I WISH I had found 5 years ago.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started and build a successful writing business so you can gain freedom... freedom to work from anywhere and freedom to make more money (and the sky really is the limit when it comes to copywriting).

When you register, you’ll gain access to the entire course, which allows you to work at your own pace. You’ll also have access to all updates for life.

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Write Your Way to Freedom has 8 Modules, 50 Lessons and 35 Workbooks.

I break down the process so it’s easy to follow, enjoyable, and sets you up to confidently start a new life as a copywriter.

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You work at your own pace through videos & workbooks.

If you have just 30 minutes a day to devote to my process, you WILL be able to succeed.

Most of my students have full time jobs when they begin, so I made sure this could be accomplished alongside a full time job.

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You gain feedback & support from the Facebook group and myself in our weekly Live Q&As. 

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Weekly Live Q&As give you a chance to have your questions answered in real time.

As you grow in your career as a freelancer, your questions are going to change, and I’m here for you every step of the way.


 Write Your Way to Freedom is a go-at-your-own-pace course. 
You'll gain immediate access to all workbooks and lessons.
And exclusive access to our private Facebook group.

What can you expect with
Write Your Way to Freedom:


  • Weekly Live Q&As so you get your questions answered FAST. 
  • An incredible group of supportive students who use their own experiences to answer your questions - which is invaluable. 
  • A start to finish process that establishes you as a profitable copywriter.
  • Continuing education - including access to all updates for life - so you're always improving.
  • A path that focuses your energy so you won’t waste time. 
  • How to create a writing website that earns you perfect clients.
  • Learn how to position yourself so you get paid well.
  • A guide to picking a niche so you get paid more. 
  • A guide on SEO you can use with confidence. 
  • Learn how to gain returning, ideal clients from scratch.
  • A guideline to pricing your writing work so you can make a sustainable living.
  • Learn how to schedule work and prevent overwhelm.
  • Tips and tricks on how to write faster.
  • Learn how to deal with clients like a badass business owner.
  • **WRITING OPPORTUNITIES** My agency gets writing leads weekly and those opportunities are passed on to my students.
  • You’ll find out *exactly* what makes a freelance writer successful. 


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Write Your Way to Freedom is now available

 for only $2,990.

Or just $1,997 when you choose the one-time payment plan.

I say “only” because Write Your Way to Freedom is a path to a totally new life.

This is not just "some online course," it's an
investment in a new you.

Plus, there's a 14-day money back guarantee, so if you poke your head in and decide it's not for you, you can absolutely get your money back. No questions asked, no hassle.

I remember when I bought my first online course. I was so nervous and excited!
I had never really invested in myself outside of college.

Now, I regularly take online courses because *investing in myself* and *my skill* set has tremendously changed my life for the better. 

Isn’t it funny that we will quickly go into thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in debt, for a degree that may or may not serve us – but balk at the price of an online course, costing a fraction of the price...

I totally get it because I was once there.

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I'm a freelance copywriter in the health and wellness space - I write mostly for doctors.

I don't have a medical degree and I didn't have experience writing before I got started.

I simply chose health and wellness because I am passionate about spreading quality information that helps people live healthier lives.

To say I'm blessed to have copywriting as a career, is truly an understatement.

But my life wasn't always that way… I started out working in a miserable job.

You know the drill.

Waiting in line to get my two weeks vacation, get my annual raise (if I'm lucky), and all for what?

A job at a business where it didn't really matter how hard I worked.

There had to be another way. I was sick of waiting for life to happen.

Fortunately, I found copywriting.

But making writing a career that provided reliable income was another story. Eventually, I figured out what truly matters, what doesn't, and where to devote your most precious resource – your time.

Once I locked in my process, I went from making less than 1k a month as a part-time writer to making what I make today - between 14k-16k each month from copywriting alone.

This transformation took 5 months. 

I now earn a comfortable, reliable living.

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And there are plenty of copywriters out there that make much more than me!

But then there are those that are barely scraping by.

What's the difference between those that make it and those that don't?

The difference is adopting an entrepreneur mindset, acting like a business owner, constantly reinvesting in yourself, staying adaptable, and building a reputation of integrity.

In my course, I go into each of these with great detail so you can become a freelance writer yourself.

By the end of this course, my wish for you is that you gain freedom, reliable income, stability, happy clients, and a career to be excited about.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What if I didn't like writing in school?

GOOD! Then you may absolutely love copywriting!

If I could shout this from the rooftops I would... **Copywriting isn't like the writing you learned in school!** 

In fact, many new copywriters need to unlearn habits they picked up from academic writing because it's all about learning to write as people talk. You don't need perfect grammar nor perfect spelling (*confession* I'm a terrible speller - thank god for spell check, amirite?).


2. What if I'm not creative enough?

The best copywriters these days are simply people who are empathetic or great at understanding other people's points of view. I came from the science field and didn’t consider myself very “creative” at all. But I've found great success simply writing about things that I’m passionate about. When you find your niche, you let your own passions fuel you, and writing becomes a joy.

Don’t get me wrong. Just like anything else in life, copywriting takes practice. But know that it is more within your reach than you might think. Creativity is like a muscle: use it and you get stronger. You can learn to be more creative, I promise. 


3. Do I need a college degree?

Definitely not. And while you could theoretically get one, there’s no certificate or license required to start copywriting. One of my best students only has a high school diploma. She is so good! That being said, you do need to be able to string together clear, well-thought-out sentences to be a copywriter.

Plus, with copywriting, you’re writing to everyday people, not your English professor. Copywriting is a conversation. If you put together detailed, compelling conversations with yourself in the shower, you’ll pick up copywriting like a champ.


4. I'm worried about putting myself out there. How do I overcome that?

Boy, do I relate to this one. Here's an awesome thing about copywriting. You're dealing with your clients entirely online, from behind the safety of your computer. You usually only have to talk with a client once, right when you first start. Plus, I go over this in the course and even give you a script you can personalize. After that, it's emails only! 

On a bigger scale, this fear is part of our internal monologue, and changing that conversation is crucial to a kickass life. I believe this is so important that we actually tackle this right off the bat in Lesson 2.


5. Do you offer refunds?

Yes. If you decide this isn't for you, within 14 days of purchasing you can get 100% of your money back guaranteed. No questions asked. 


6. Are there any other start-up costs?

There are minimal costs as a copywriter, it's one of the reasons I believe it's such a great career choice for so many. The one cost that you will have upfront is when you build a website a few weeks down the road, which is about $100-$200 – though there are ways to do this for less. After that, most of the tools I recommend in this course are free.


7. Life is super busy, should I wait for the right time?

Is life ever NOT busy? I'm not sure what that would even be like! Your time is your most precious resource, so I made this course with that in mind. Even setting aside 30 minutes a day 3 to 5 times a week would get you through this course. I developed each lesson to build upon the next, so you can continue developing your skills and business as quickly or as slowly as your busy life allows.


8. Will it work for me?

The great thing about online copywriting is that once you know the steps, you can ramp work up or down as you need. And because the lessons and live sessions are recorded, you can learn at your own pace! Work through the lessons as fast (or slow) as you want, and at whatever time of day (or night) you have time. Then once you get the basics...

Have larger than normal bills coming up?...churn out a few more copywriting pieces.

Want to take it easy and relax a bit more?...take on fewer projects.

Once you have the fundamentals, you’re able to MAKE it work exactly how you want!


Write Your Way to Freedom isn't always available so sign up now!

Write Your Way to Freedom, a $2,990 value, is offered in two payment options...

(save $993)




$2990 total.

10 monthly payments of... 


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I want you to absolutely love WRITE YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM, so if you find out it isn’t for you within 14 days of purchasing, you’ll get your money back guaranteed.

Why Write Your Way to Freedom?

1. Write Your Way to Freedom shows you exactly what to do every step of the way.

You’ll know exactly how to get your first clients, price your work, build a portfolio, and stand out from the freelancer crowd. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to ramp up your business until you’re ready to make the full leap into entrepreneurship. 

2. My process is tried and true.

Not only did this process work for me, I’ve helped hundreds of people quit their jobs using the same methods. Some students were able to quit their jobs in as little as three months.


3. Everything is results oriented. 

There is no fluff in this course. I’ve taken tons of online courses and can’t stand when there is unnecessary content that’s a waste of time. Everything in Write Your Way to Freedom serves a point and the content is concise. Plus, as you’ll find out, I believe your time is your most precious resource, which is why I would never waste it.


4. You get the entire course immediately.

You’ll have the ability to work at your own pace whether that’s squeezed in the hours after work, on your weekends, or if you have some time off to really crank at it.


5. Write Your Way to Freedom eliminates overwhelm.

You’ll always know exactly what you should be working on and what comes next. This course gives you the ability to start your new career with total confidence.


6. You’ll have support along the way.

Facebook groups have been one of the most helpful resources in my career as a writer. When you sign up for Write Your Way to Freedom you’ll gain access to the student-only Facebook community, where you can brainstorm and share your wins with people in the same boat. I also host weekly Live Q&A sessions so you can get extra help with anything. Group learning accelerates success, and our Facebook community help you harness that power and skyrocket your career!


7. I poured my heart and soul into this course.

As cheesy as this sounds, it’s true. First and foremost, the main reason I began creating this course was to help other people find the success I found in copywriting. I had so many people asking me the same questions over and over, that I decided to compile all of the answers here - and more!